Bold and Brilliant: Top Police Intelligence Analyst Challenges the Gov’t 7/7 Narrative

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Bold and Brilliant: Top Police Intelligence Analyst Challenges the Gov’t 7/7 Narrative

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 29, 2012 5:23 am

Sometimes it takes just one individual to step forward and ‘speak truth to power’ to break the spell of public denial and silence surrounding a tragic and unspeakable event.

One of the key components of maintaining any official government narrative of historical events, is that every member of the establishment must remain on the same page as to who, what, when, how… and why a said event took place.

This could not be any more relevant than in the cases of both 9/11 and 7/7, because maintaining total cohesion of the official narrative is necessary in order to hold in place agreed upon terror threat assessments and the public security policies which follow.

At least one police professional in Britain has stepped forward to refute the government’s orthodoxy of ‘Radical British Muslims’ carrying out one of the worst and violent atrocities in the country’s history, and this is his story…

In July 2010, a long serving UK Police Principal Intelligence Analyst, Tony Farrell, woke up to a terrible realisation that the cosy, comfortable law enforcement world he had always believed he was part of, had just turned upside down. Awakened, Tony Farrell as Head Intelligence Analyst for South Yorkshire Police in the North of England immediately knew that his previously rewarding and enjoyable career was about to come to an abrupt end with an almighty crash.

After unwittingly tuning into the Alex Jones Show in June 2010, Farrell suddenly awoke to a very different reality after watching documentaries such as Invisible Empire and Police State 4. It was thereafter he dropped upon the apparent lies surrounding the official explanations of the 9/11 attacks. He could no longer pretend it was not real. The compelling evidence showing the despicable Government account of events regarding 9/11 soon became all too plain to see. Rocked to the core, it wasn’t long before he realised the same was true for 7/7 in his own country. Farrell’s conscience became deeply troubled as, in his position as a Principal Intelligence Analyst of a large UK Police Force, it was required him to regurgitate back to his bosses a government narrative that the main threat of terrorism in the UK came from Islamic extremists and al-Qaeda.

On the fifth anniversary of the London 7/7 Bombings in 2010, when being pressurised into reflecting the putrid lies about terrorism in a threat assessment matrix, Farrell - feeling cornered, alone and isolated – refused to prostitute either himself or his intelligence analysis profession, and told his bosses that the real threat came from within.


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